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Since the MUA was done, I have not had the severe headaches/head pain I was getting, and I am able to move my head from side to side! This is a first! It has been 4 long years of debilitating pain, and medication galore. Thanks to this procedure my medications have been reduced substantially, and I am able to project what my life was before my car accident, and what it can be like again. I am receiving post MUA and it has improved my movement as well as flexibility. I now realize why the post care is as important as the procedure. I actually look forward to the day I will be able to walk without my cane! I truly hope that more people will get the help they need through this MUA procedure, as I believe less opioids will be necessary to treat patients with severe pain and immobility, Thank you again for all of your help.

Very truly yours, JT

"I felt 75 percent better on the first day . . . on the second day even better . . . and on the third day I thought, Hallelujah! ... here I go . . .

The best thing about MUA is it gives you your life back.

I can live a much better life free of pain and I'm not constantly taking pain pills.

So I tried the MUA and today I can"t believe it . . its like Im getting ready to go in the service again . . . I feel great